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Cambridge Assessment English Exam Regis tration Form 2020

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* Identification (ID): If you are taking Cambridge English General: Advanced in the UK, Asia, Africa and Aus tralia you mus t record the type of acceptable photo ID used to regis ter for the exam and bring the same ID back for each Exam component otherwise you will not be allowed to sit the exam. Your ID mus t be current (not expired) and have a photograph.

 Passport  National ID Card  Student ID Card


These names must be the same as the names on your Password | National ID Card | Student ID Card and must appear on the same order

Current address

This is the address that your certificate will be sent to. If you want to your centre to send it to a different address, please contact the centre directly.

Name of institution where you are doing a Cambridge English exam preparation course (leave blank if you are not doing a course):

  For studying abroad   For working   For immigration

For example, modified materials for visual difficulties, or special requirements​​ because of a medical condition.

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