Career Opportunity

SpringBoard4Education Cambodia is found in 2007 and officially registered in Cambodia in 2008. We operate as a Social Enterprise, with surplus from commercial activities being used for education related CSR (corporate social responsibilities) project in Cambodia such as building school in remote communities, funding English speaking and debating society, funding women entrepreneurship events, funding the British Alumni Association of Cambodia, funding exchange students program with partner’s university/college..etc.

SpringBoard4Education Cambodia’s main commercial objectives are to promote international education in the UK, English language training through the British English Learning Centre, Campus UK, and Examination services for the Cambridge English Languages Assessment, University of Cambridge and IELTS test of the British Council. SpringBoard4Education Cambodia is a certified British Council trained agent, the Cambridge English Authorized Centre of the Cambridge English Language Assessment of the University of Cambridge in the UK, and the British Council IELTS test venue in Cambodia.

Currently, we are seeking for young talented:

No. Position Location Schedule Salary Apply Now
1Academic and Examination OfficerPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
2AccountantPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
3Front Desk OfficerPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
4Graphic DesignerPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6px)NegotiableApply
5IT Support OfficerPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
6Logistic StaffPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
7Marketing OfficerPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
8Student Admission OfficerPhnom PenhFull-time (Girl Preferable)NegotiableApply
9Teacher Assistant (Age: 18-25)Phnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
10TranslatorPhnom PenhFull-time (9am - 6pm)NegotiableApply
11Visa Support OfficerPhnom PenhFull-time (9am to 6pm)NegotiableApply